Tuesday, June 22, 2010

still wary

Pam Carriker class/my stuff. First thought...you could do better. I am documenting when I am just mean....to myself. I don't like meanness. Even when it's directed towards me.
Acrylic, colored pencil on watercolor journal. Titan buff skin tone base, payne's grey, burnt umber and raw sienna and sepia water color crayon for shadows. Penciled the eyes--still struggle with the eyes with paint. The irises in particular are tough. Pencil lets me get in there and play with light, and I love an eye with green in it. I need to do this with paint-- want to transfer journal to canvas.....occasionally....Canvas means sale, sale means to create what mass market want, what mass market wants is not necessarily what I want to create.

Still smarting over some issues....jeez, can you tell?