Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've been focusing mostly on the journal right now. Made some interesting background collage paper with distressing inks. This was fun. I got most of the info on some great youtube sites for ranger inks. There was also a cool site referenced called two peas in a bucket. I will check this out tomorrow. Still struggling with text for journal. My art is such a perfect metaphor for my life. I will go so far with something, then fear of failure causes paralysis. Obviously still drawn to the face. When I was in eighth grade we had to write in journals. Our teacher said we could staple the pages we didn't want her to read. Fortunately or unfortunately, I never had anything that interesting that I would want to hide it from an adult. Anyway, a couple of my journal page disasters I haven't shared. Not so much that they're intimate, just that they're kind of awful. Found the ugly mirror today, but determined to keep working.

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