Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking back on a wonderful summer, again no text... I might go back to canvas for a bit. I love using the inks to make my own backgrounds and using the rice paper. I guess this is just going to be only a visual journal for now. Not ready for the intimacy of text. It will come, I'm just so much more comfortable speaking with illustration and paint right now.


  1. It is funny you should say that about the text. I have stopped putting my words on the front I like putting them on the back if at all! For me the writing on the front is spoiling it. I don't mind it on other's work just my own. I am not comfortable with it. I have also been thinking of working on canvas. I would love to see what you do so will be checking your blog!

  2. Janine,I am taking another online course with Paulette Insall. It's all about creating textured backgrounds on canvas and collaging. Little change of pace. Her website is The class just started today, maybe you could join? :)jane