Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love this song whether Eva Cassidy, Gordon Lightfoot or Joan Baez sings it. And my girl here looks so sad. It's raining again in New England, but truly, I had a nice day. Worked in the journal all day, made peace with an old adversary, and listened to really nice music. So yeah, good day. Why are all my girls wistful, tentative and sad--I
don't know. I'm half Irish and I have a melancholy soul. I love this girl though, and I added the text to get the mood, as if the expression and blue background weren't enough. I love working the journal, now when I hit canvas, I lose courage. It feels less intimate and I freeze up. But I worked differently on this girl--I kept her mid tones identical: warm and just shaded in a back and forth fashion, but primarily stayed warm, sanded back when the values got too dark. You can't listen to Eva Cassidy all day and make a happy portrait. She's great, but oh so achingly sad, and her phrasing is so slow and dramatic. I hope she's in heaven serenading the other angels.

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