Monday, September 21, 2009

Sitting in the student cafe where I'm taking my courses. Drinking a latte and trying to look like I'm writing the next great American Novel. I really just want to take my art journal and colored pencils and get lost in it. Feel discouraged about certain things in my little corner of the world right now, but I'm trying not to let it bring me down. I find the college kids endearing, yet at the same time annoyingly young, enthusiastic, and good looking. I've got to sit in a class where we're boxed in like sardines and listen to a professor, who is well meaning, but I'm just not checked in to her lectures. Technology in the classroom, learning to use excel, word and create a power point, and a discussion about disabilities. This is a crazy juxtaposition of subject matter, but I'm keeping my mouth shut.
Because with my luck, they'll decide to split the class into two classes and have me here for four afternoons instead of three. They're playing some awesome acoustic music in this cafe, and it is quiet after being in a classroom with little kids for six hours.

I'm taking out my journal.

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