Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Into the Blues

I always come back to my journal. Took an on line "shades of gray"
course with Pam Carriker--I would highly recommend. The journal, the journal, the just rocks!!


  1. I am in awe as usual. I love all of the faces above this post.I took all three of pams classes too.Loved them.The only thing I wish we could downoad the videos to keep on the computer but I am going to go back in the classes watch again and take some notes.I haven't finished watching all of shades of grey yet and I loved her persuing portrait class. I love online workshops.
    Anyway you do such beautiful work .

  2. Jackie--thanks so much!!I too have become an online addict for art classes. I would like to take Pam's portrait class because I feel I'm stuck in a certain style and would like to learn how different people create the glorious human face. I signed up for Pam's journaling class.
    Thank you so much for the comments--and for stopping by my blog <3jane