Sunday, January 3, 2010


Okay, I am happy with this one. I kind of went back to the beginning. Colored pencil on paper, glued to wood, then clear gesso, went back over the eyes again with colored pencil, then found my caran de arche water soluble crayons (yay!!!!) used them, and finally used acrylic for the background. I think the clear gesso gives the second round of colored pencil some tooth, and the water crayons really work better with shading. I will probably collage a little and then seal. Oh and almost forgot...little lighter on the lips--looks more natural.


  1. she is beautiful and i love her lips.

  2. I have a few questions,if you don't mind?
    How do you approach drawing a face? do you have any tips? I am taking online classes and Sometimes I like something i draw most I don't.So how do you tweak to get a face you like?

  3. Jackie,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I don't always draw a grid. But I do some preliminary measurements. A typical face for me is in the area of 6-7 inches long/4 1/2 inches long. I am careful about the eyes(one eye width in between eyes), bottom of the nose, one eye width long, mouth. I use the the colored pencils cream, light, peach and dk peach, shade one side warm and cool. Like I said in the post, then i seal it with clear gesso. I go back in with the colored pencil again.
    Try the caran de arche WATER SOLUBLE crayons, they act like watercolors and are great for finishing touches. Don't be afraid to go dark (I mix red and blue using a brush on the crayons, and then apply to the face for the cool side) if it's too dark--add more water and blend. Send me a picture Jackie--I might be able to look and see where you need slight tweaking. Again thanks for the comments--anytime<3jane

  4. thanks Elizabeth--i hope your trip was wonderful! Did you do much journaling?