Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I carry you in my heart journal page

Loved this technique. Actually started a new page and left the old page to mess with later. I love this poem, and the painting is of Annie again but so loose and fun. Collaged in some ranger ink stamped papers. I really like this method of painting. I think I'm going to try it in my bigger journal tomorrow.
Kind of a bluesy day. I haven't been feeling well and work issues still weigh heavily on my mind even though it's been over a week since I left. I keep obsessing over September. But, I do have an interview with another school tomorrow. Yay...I think I am growing as an artist. I just wish I didn't work so much in isolation. It's fun to bounce ideas off people. I've joined a couple of journaling online groups.


  1. You are really in a tough time at present. Art is one of the most important things to learn but yes, it's always the first to be cut. You are really good. Have you thought of starting art classes for kids as a private group? My granddaughter needs such a class. She is good but needs instruction. There city offers classes through the Community Center but the one she signed up for was awful. The person was NOT a teacher so you an artist and a teacher would be perfect. My daughter just got a piano teacher for one of her daughters (with selective mutism disorder) who comes to the house for teaching. This works wonderfully for them and Julianne is loving it. (So far her mother still has to talk for her but the music is coming out of her fingers so the teacher sees it's working). I so wish a teacher would come out to their house to teach art. Real art. Their mother is quite crafty but drawing and painting are not on the agenda. Think about it. Maybe there is a window out there that needs opening.

  2. I just don't know if my vision would be someone else's vision of art. But you are very kind. I'll find my way. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and I will definitely keep your idea in mind. Now I just need the nerve:)