Monday, July 5, 2010

warm days

A hot fourth of July and many edits. Went tight again, had to prove something. Covered it up with a loose cheat technique, and I love it. I love the warmth of the colors alizarian crimson over, quinacradone gold....say that twice!! But truly I love the suggestion, the looseness of it. When will I ever lean--I'm so tight.


  1. Love all your faces, visions of your muse! Also love the Kadinsky inspired journal entry! Welcome to Blissfully Art Journaling!

  2. I'm tight also! I think we get to admire others techniques but in the end we have to accept our own uniqueness. Believe me, I see lots of art on blogs and you are really good. I enjoy seeing your work.

    Welcome to Blissfully Art Journaling.

  3. THANK YOU....We create alone and it is so nice to hear others comments, particularly when they are as kind as yours, it gives us the push. I am trying to loosen up. I have a wicked angel that tells me it's never enough. Perhaps you know what I mean:)