Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am really happy with Broken Wing. The words and picture seem to fit. I like the idea of an angel who sees our struggles and watches over us: an angel who sees our broken wing. I liked putting the text on notebook paper so that it looked like a note sent to a friend in a class or somewhere. I've been communicating a lot with classmates on Facebook--yes, time would be better spent on art--but broken wing came from a lot of discussion with old classmates. We all presented the good image as a front but everyone seemed to have a broken wing hidden or partially hidden.
Okay, back to art. Loving the mixed media. Throw everything but the kitchen sink at a painting: colored pencils, acrylic paint, water soluble crayons, paper and, wala! The process is a great metaphor for life, keep trying, try different approaches and do what you love. My untitled girl still needs text and embellishment, but she's not talking to me yet. Okay, I'm not crazy, not really, I haven't found words yet for her expression. I may do a journal page til I figure untitled girl out.
I mentioned in a earlier post that I do get caught up in "the New England painted lighthouse" to please the mass market. Enough already, mixed media tells a story. It's so much more fun. As you can tell, I put the ugly mirror away today. I hope I forget where I put it.<3!


  1. Love your work and your blog!

    I agree, I like the idea of an angel that watches over us. I just wish I could talk with mine and that they would talk back! I am following your blog. I can't wait to see what you do next. Since class is over I guess this is where I will be looking!

  2. Janine, Thank you! I wish class wasn't over, it was great! I love the community of artists, and just love to see different people's interpretations of mixed media. I find it very inspiring. I will look for your blog as well.
    Thanks again,