Monday, August 17, 2009

Well, I completed a lot of text with the flapper girls. It's very minimalist. Basically I looked at their expressions and waited for the word or words to come to me. Played with the negative space. I love mixed media. It is not the classic art rendering that I have been taught, but I find such joy in it. I'm going to paint what I want from now on. The human face speaks to me and I am so drawn to it artistically. My photographs are terrible but I hope to improve this. I don't have a cropping tool obviously and would re-shoot to make decent prints. I'm going to make one more in this series and go back to the journal. I will look for a place to exhibit these, but mixed media does not get as warm a reception where I'm from. A lot of people in New England want to look at endless paintings of lighthouses--no fun. It's got to be for me and for fun. Oh well....

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