Thursday, October 15, 2009


I changed this. She is broken. I love the word broken, it says so much with one word. My girl has been broken, by life, a lover, a family member or a circumstance. So, like the song, what becomes of the brokenhearted? Do they heal, and if they do, what heals them? Time, anger, work, love or space? The swirling lines suggest questions like these. Where do you go, which road do you take to get back from broken and lost?


  1. I for one do not believe that time heals all wounds - I think it is more that time builds scars over old wounds - so they are less painful over time. What helps me is doing things that nurture me - giving myself time for the wounds to be less painful.

  2. Yet, a scar is the body's response to injury after time. And yes, yes doing what nurtures the soul heals. Remembering what heals and not chasing what everything and everyone around us thinks will heal us. I guess it comes down to understanding one's self. One can live a long time and not fully understand what keeps us going. With me it's family, friends and art.
    Thanks for the comment Elizabeth. How are the portraits coming? Will check out your blog :)

  3. Started out slowly - used a magazine to help me create the woman on today's post. Kinda like sticking my toe in :-)